Committee members meeting held

TREPSEA committee members meeting was held at the meeting room at Hotel TC Damhil UNG on August 10, 2018. General Committee Members: Prof. Sakakibara Masayuki from Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN), Ehime University, Prof. Dr. Fenty Usman Puluhulawa, M.Hum from State University of Gorontalo, and Prof. Dr. Emmy Suparka Bandung from  Institute of TechnologyMembers of Scientific Committee members: Dr. Heriansyah Putra from Bogor Agricultural University, Dr. Lukman AR Laliyo,Dr. Lukman AR Laliyo, and Dr. rer. nat. Mohamad Jahja from the State University of Gorontalo, Prof. Hiroki Kasamatsu from Ehime University, Prof. Katsuya Tanaka from Research Center for Sustainability and Environment, Shiga University, and members of the Local Organizing Committee: Dr. Sc.Yayu Indriati Arifin and Ms. Intan Novianti Manyoe attended the meeting.

Prof. Sakakibara Masayuki gave his appreciation for the great efforts of all members and presented his draft plans of TREPSEA2020. Dr. Yayu Indriati Arifrin reported the matters of the TREPSEA2018, Ms. Intan Novianti Manyoe reported the financial information to the attendees, and the matters of the TREPSEA2020 International Conference were presented and discussed as a final conclusion of the meeting.