Guidelines, Downloads, and Submit Your Abstract and Manuscript

If you have any question regarding guidelines and formats of TREPSEA 2021, please email to us at [email protected]


Email inquiries are accepted in the English language only. Other languages will not be accepted.

Guidelines for Abstract by TREPSEA Committee

Abstract should be written in English language and the maximum word count is no more than 300 words. The abstract should include a brief introduction followed by a summary of methods, results, and conclusions. No references, tables, figures, or any other graphics should be included.


Please download “Abstract Format
Please download “Full paper Format

Note: If you have any difficulties filling in the abstract, please refer to the sample abstract of previous TREPSEA 2018 submitted by the author: Hasriwiani Habo Abbas. Please Download here.

For Authors: Oral and Poster Presenters

1The maximum number of the presentation by each registrant as the first author must be only one. (Oral and poster).
2Oral and poster presenters will register and upload abstracts from registration form.

Guidelines for Manuscript by IOP