Latest News, Announcements, Updated Information

Dear authors, 

We are currently reviewing the submitted manuscripts.
We will send the acceptance letters to the authors of accepted manuscripts sooner or later.
We will publish all accepted manuscripts at IOP in December 2021. 


TREPSEA Committee 

1. TREPSEA Conference Book is available now.

2. Instructions for all participants (both presenters and attendees) of TREPSEA 2021. (Version 3 – Updated on September 10, 2021)

Please download it here.

3. SpatialChat will be open for three days. Please use it as a free chat space.

3. Schedule Update 

We recently updated the TREPSEA 2021 Programs and Schedules. Please click here to see it.

4. The starting time of the conference on September 17th and 18th has been changed from 9 AM to 8:30 AM.

5. Contact us “in case of emergency”

If you need to cancel your participation in the Q&A session or poster presentation due to unavoidable circumstances such as illness or accident just before the conference, please send an e-mail to the following address.
TREPSEA2021 Conference Committee: [email protected]

6. Information Update *

We recently updated the information regarding “Information in regard to how the TREPSEA2021 Conference will be held.” Please click here to see it.