Full Paper Submission

Notice to Authors for Full Paper Submission

1. Only the authors whose oral/poster abstracts have been accepted for presentation in TREPSEA2021 will be able to submit their full papers.
2. Authors must submit their presentations (video presentations for oral abstracts and PDF of the posters for poster abstracts) before the deadline, and participate in their assigned Q&A sessions.

  • Deadline for the submission of the video presentations: August 10, 2021
  • Deadline for the submission of PDF of the posters: August 10, 2021

3. Title of the full papers should be the same as that of the oral/poster abstracts. For more details, please carefully read the guideline uploaded.
4. Full papers must be written by using the template (word file) prepared by TREPSEA2021.
5. The document length of the paper should be over 6 pages (including title, abstract, notes, and bibliography) but should not exceed 10 pages.
6. Full papers have to go through a peer-reviewed process to be accepted for publication.
7. Your paper may not be accepted for the peer-reviewed process if the above-mentioned criteria are not met.  

Full Paper Template / Guidelines

Full Paper Submission