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TREPSEA2021 Online Conference Participation Agreement

This Agreement defines the terms and conditions for participation in and use of live streams of video
presentations, keynote lectures, plenary sessions, discussion sessions, and poster sessions provided
by TREPSEA as part of its TREPSEA2021 online conference (hereinafter the “Conference”). If you
apply to participate in the Conference, please review this Agreement before proceeding to the bottom
of the page.

1. Viewing requirements for participation in the Conference
All viewing requirements for participation in the Conference (e.g., hardware such as a PC, software
such as a web browser, internet connectivity) shall be provided for by participants at their own
expense and responsibility.

2. Rights, ownership, and copyrights
Copyrights to all content provided as part of the Conference shall belong to TREPSEA or to the
rightful rights holder and any of the following actions by a Conference participant may constitute
copyright violation.

(1) Unauthorized reproduction of any contents provided as part of the Conference, in part or in full.
(2) Unauthorized modification or summarization of any contents provided as part of the Conference,
in print or electronic media.
(3) Any other action that violates any copyright belonging to TREPSEA.

3. Prohibited conduct
Participants in the Conference shall not engage in any of the following actions or in any conduct that
could reasonably be deemed equivalent to any of these actions.:

(1) Actions that offend public order or morals.
(2) Actions that violate the intellectual property rights, image rights, privacy rights, reputation, or any
other rights or interests of a presenter, speaker, or other person involved in the Conference.
(3) Actions that may interfere with the operation of the Conference.
(4) Unauthorized access or attempted unauthorized access to a network or system used for the
(5) Impersonation of another person.
(6) Use of an ID or password of another participant of the Conference.
(7) Collection of information about other participants of the Conference.
(8) Actions that may cause disadvantage, harm, or displeasure to a presenter, speaker, or another person
involved in the Conference.
(9) Any other action that is deemed inappropriate by TREPSEA.

4. Cancellation of participation
TREPSEA reserves the right to terminate the participation of any registered attendee in the Conference
without prior notice, under any of the following circumstances:

(1) Any provision of this Agreement has been violated.
(2) All or a part of the information provided when applying or registering for the Conference has
proved to be false.

5. Revision of this Agreement
This Participation Agreement may be revised if TREPSEA determines that it has become
inappropriate due to changes in social conditions or advances in computer technology. In this event,

TREPSEA shall promptly notify registered participants of the Conference of the details of the
revision via the Conference (TREPSEA2021) website, and other means.

6. Disclaimer
TREPSEA separately states recommended hardware and software specifications for participation in
the Conference. Please note, however, that this does not constitute a guarantee of audiovisual
performance or quality. The Conference may be difficult or impossible to access for a variety of
reasons related to the participant’s user environment (e.g., software security settings).

7. Change or cancellation of the Conference
TREPSEA reserves the right to change the contents of the Conference or cancel it entirely, for any
reason. In the event of conference cancellation, TREPSEA shall notify participants in advance.
If you agree to these terms and conditions of participation, check “I agree” and click the “Next”
button. Please note that if “I disagree” is checked, you will not be able to proceed with the
registration process.